Take a look under the sea surface

If you join us on a trip to Kornati, you should jump into the sea. If you are able to swim, of course…

No excuses, for various reasons.

First of all, it is nice to refresh yourself in a crystal clear sea that just awaits for your jump. You will witness scenes that are rarely seen nowadays. When most of the seas and oceans are polluted, in Kornati you can see clear and transparent sea. Kornati are a national park – an area proteceted by law. Therefore its flora and fauna is protected. Below and above the sea surface. That is why you will be enchanted when you find yourself immersed in the sea that looks like an aquarium…

Adriatic corals are living on depths beneath 50 meters

In minute or so you will be surrounded by curious and benevolent fishes looking at you as if saying:

„Well, what are you doing here?“

Mind this: up to present day there has been recorded 335 different species of algae and 3 kinds of sea flowering plants. Furthermore, about 850 species of animals were registered. There are 61 sort of corals, 177 species of molluscs, 127 kind of bristle worms, 61 type of crabs, 64 sorts of echinoderms and even 185 species of fishes.

On the bottom of the sea you will be able to see meadows of seagrass. More precisely, it is a flowering plant called Posidonia oceanica (commonly known as Neptune grass or Mediterranean tapeweed). It is an endemic species of Mediterranean sea and can be seen exclusively in a crystal clear sea.

Posidonia – the lung of the sea

Posidonia oceanica has the same role as the woods, its habitats produce oxygen so it is considered to be „lungs of the sea“. Areas covered with Posidonia make great haven for fishes, crabs, octopus and other sea creatures, as well as perfect place for them to find food and for reproduction.

Lately, various kinds of dolphines have been seen in Kornati archipelago, as you can see it on our video taken recently. Do not be scared of them, nor if you see a big, but harmless and benevolent, sea turtle.

Schematic overview of underwater flora and fauna in Kornati

If by any chance you forget to bring your snorkeling gear, do not be sad, just ask our captain, there is always some spare equipment on the boat.

The moment you jump into the sea, you’ll realise why we’ve been telling you all this.

And please, do not worry, you won’t get bitten by the shark in Kornati „aquarium“. Up to now, no one got bitten, so there is a big chance you won’t get either.

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