Defending Sibenik – St Nicholas’ Fortress

This impressive building from 16th century stands out at the entrance of the St Anthony Channel, guarding the city.

Due to its important strategic position, Sibenik is surrounded from all sides by fortresses and military buildings from various historical periods.

This particular building is an extraordinary example of Renaissance military architecture. Venetians built it as a part of their fortification system known as Stato da Mar. They created it in order to protect their domains in the Adriatic and Eastern Mediterranean.

Gian Girolamo Sanmicheli designed this fortress. It was built between 1540 – 1547 to protect Šibenik from Turkish naval attacks. Although it is relatively small compared to other fortresses in the Adriatic, it is very elegant and impressive, especially when approached from the sea.

The fortress, which almost completely covers the isle Ljuljevac, has a specific triangular shape. It can be reached not only from the sea, but also from the mainland following a narrow path.

In July, 2017 UNESCO proclaimed it as Protected World Heritage. Currently it is not open to the public until the end of restoration.

Aerial detail
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