If you want to find out more about this fascinating archipelago and its unique connection with local people, follow our stories.

Learn interesting facts and stories about Kornati and Krka National Parks, Sibenik and islands within its archipelago. Get to know all about well preserved wildlife, delicious gastronomy, rich history and culture of this part of Dalmatia.

And some useful tips to make your holidays more relaxed.

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Take a look under the sea surface

If you join us on a trip to Kornati, you should jump into the sea. If you are able to swim, of course… No excuses, for […]

Islands at your fingertips

Almost like a fingerprint of old and tired hands, island Bavljenac represents the trace of Dalmatia like it once was. Dalmatia made of olives, grape vine, […]
Archipelago Tours: blog about Kornati and other stories: Another stone in the wall, Sibenik blog, Kornati archipelago, Krka blog, stone walls detail

Another stone in the Wall

When you visit Kornati Archipelago for the first time you get surrounded with unique beauty of savage and dry nature, basically with no trees. Therefore it’s […]
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Island Mana: Jump into the film… And into the sea…

“What are those strange houses on top of the hill?” many wonder while approaching the island of Mana for the first time. Ruines on top of  […]
Archipelago Tours: blog about Kornati and other stories: Dolphins are back in Kornati, Sibenik blog, Kornati archipelago, Krka blog, Dolphins Kornati

Dolphins are back in Kornati!

Finally, the species called ‘Common Dolphin’ returned to the Adriatic sea. They showed up exactly in the Kornati archipelago! This unique and very vivid sort of […]
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